J.D. Vance Exposes Pence’s False Claim That Christian Leaders Aren’t Being Jailed In Ukraine


by RUSTY WEISS at thepoliticalinsider.com

Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) has offered a cynical take on the Ukraine war effort being a symbol of freedom while simultaneously referencing a story about a Christian leader who was jailed in Kyiv on the very same day Mike Pence said such arrests weren’t happening.

Vance shared a story about the pretrial detention of a senior Orthodox cleric who had been detained in Kyiv.

Reuters reports that a court had ordered the detention as part of “tough bail conditions” set forth on Friday, July 14th.

The cleric, who hails from a church with historic links to Moscow, had been arrested on suspicion of inflaming religious hatred and justifying Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He has been under house arrest since April.

Christian Leader Jailed In Ukraine On The Same Day Pence Assured It Wasn’t Happening

Vance shared the relatively muted story in the mainstream press and commented on how the war in Ukraine is, in their eyes, supposed to be a commentary on freedom.

“Remember: the Ukraine war is all about freedom,” he wrote. “Sometimes religious freedom requires jailing priests you don’t like. Or something.”

The sarcastic commentary was a retweet of political analyst Jake Posobiec, who said the jailing of priests was happening “just days” after former Vice President Pence said it wasn’t.

It was, in fact, the same day as a GOP presidential candidate forum hosted by Tucker Carlson – July 14th.


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