QUAY: Conservatives Should Side With Whiny, Liberal Actors In The Hollywood Strike

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by GRAYSON QUAY at dailycaller.com

The most insufferable people in America are on strike, demanding protections against artificial intelligence, and it’s the duty of every conservative to support them.

Yes, Hollywood actors are awful. They use poor women as brood marestrans their kids, fly around on private jets, run interference for sex abusers and still insist on lecturing us about our moral shortcomings. 

And yes, screenwriters are almost as bad. None of them have produced an original idea since 2008, but they continue doubling and tripling down on woke garbage even as movie after movie bombs at the box office.

And yes, it’s insufferable to watch these elitist swine swagger around like they’re West Virginia coal miners shooting it out with the Pinkertons in 1921.

For now, though, the enemy of our enemy is our friend, and AI is the enemy of all humanity.

“[A]rtificial intelligence poses an existential threat to creative professions, and all actors and performers deserve contract language that protects them from having their identity and talent exploited without consent and pay,” President Fran Drescher of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) explained

The Writer’s Guild of America presented similar demands, pushing for an agreement under which “AI can’t write or rewrite literary material; can’t be used as source material; and MBA-covered [contract-covered] material can’t be used to train AI.

”It’s easy to see what AI could do to the film industry. In the futuristic society of Margaret Atwood’s novel “Oryx and Crake,” it pretty much no longer exists. Anyone can generate any movie they want by feeding a few prompts into an AI program. “Hey, computer,” I might say, “make me a medieval heist movie starring Laurence Olivier, Paul Walker and 1997 George Clooney with Tarantino dialogue and the directing style of Jean-Luc Goddard.” Give it a few hours to process, and presto! the movie’s ready to go without anyone making a dime off it — except, of course, the studio.

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