Watch: Elites Tell Mayorkas He’s Doing ‘Wonderful Job’ While 40% of Illegals ‘Paroled’ by DHS Vanish


by C. Douglas Golden at

How do liberal elites consider the Department of Homeland Security’s performance under Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas?

Let’s put it this way: Two days after a report indicated more than 80 percent of illegal immigrants “paroled” (read: caught and released) by the department under President Joe Biden just as Title 42 was being lifted hadn’t received a summons to appear in immigration court — with over 40 percent never checking in with authorities, period — a former Democratic House Homeland Security Committee member said Mayorkas was doing “a wonderful job” in the position.

The remarks came as the secretary was doing a question-and-answer with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado, hosted by the Aspen Institute, on Thursday.

After Zakaria opened up the floor to questions, the first of the elites gathered in the Rocky Mountains at the forum — which bills itself as “a non-partisan public venue for global leaders to discuss the most pressing national security and foreign policy challenges” — to take a crack at Mayorkas was former California Democratic Rep. Jane Harman, currently a member of the Defense Policy Board and former head of the Woodrow Wilson Center think tank.

Zakaria asked Harman before she started whether she liked the way Mayorkas was running it.

“You bet I do!” she exclaimed. “And I just want to say to you, Ale Majorkas, that under the most difficult circumstances and the political dysfunction of Washington, you’re doing a wonderful job.”

As RNC Research noted, this was after Mayorkas had presided over a DHS that had let more than 7 million illegal immigrants into the United States under its watch, often breaking monthly illegal migration numbers in the process. Plenty of them have also “vanished” — more on that later — but apparently, one of Washington’s elite thinks he’s doing a bang-up job.

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