Grassroots Conservatives, Party Leadership Defend Indicted Michigan GOP Electors

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by Steven Kovac at

Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel’s recent indictment of 16 duly elected GOP 2020 electors has done what many thought impossible. She has unified Michigan Republicans.

Republican grassroots voters, low and high-level party officers, local elected officials, state legislators, and members of Congress are all expressing outrage over Ms. Nessel’s charging the 16 with multiple counts of fraud and forgery for attempting to present themselves as an alternate slate of presidential electors to Congress, as that body on Jan. 6, 2021, certified the outcome of the election.

At a July 19 press conference—turned rally—in Macomb County, a voter named Peter told The Epoch Times, “I’ve seen first-hand the tactics of the communist regime in my native Poland.

“Nessel’s indictments are designed to scare her political opponents. She wants us to shut up. Don’t oppose the regime. And if you support Trump, we are coming after you.

“I’m with Trump 100 percent. He’s trying to warn people of the enemy within.”

State Representative Josh Schriver (R-Oxford) stunned many at the crowded press conference when he challenged President Joe Biden to pardon former-President Donald Trump in order to dispel once and for all any accusations about election interference on the part of the Biden administration.

In both oral remarks and a written statement, the six-foot-five-inch, 30-year-old, legislator also said, “Like a mafia thug, Dana Nessel is using 16 Michigan residents to ‘send a message’ to those who would seek legal remedies against systemic election corruption, inducing fear of being persecuted and prosecuted by a weaponized ‘justice’ system in the form of lawfare.”

Mr. Schriver told the audience, “I am not intimidated.”

He warned the crowd, “If we don’t do something now, we will be next.”

His call to action included people rallying to the side of the 16 electors to help them with their legal fees by donating through crowd-funding and other means.

Mr. Schriver said that if Ms. Nessel does not cease her prosecution, he expects huge numbers of people to peacefully protest “until the rule of law is restored.”

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