Alarmist Media Push “Opinion Survey” as Basis for CA Climate Policy vs Using Energy & Science Data


by Larry Hamlin at

The Southern California News Group (SCNG) conglomerate published a ridiculous article (shown below) hyping the results of a public opinion survey that clueless climate alarmist media are trying to use to justify California’s flawed, ineffective and costly climate and energy laws and regulations. This absurd article notes: 

“In the wake of a historically wet winter, the survey shows Californians are a bit less concerned about water supply issues and drought than they were last year. However, the whiplash of weather extremes in recent years has left residents worried about a spike in related events, such as wildfires, floods, and heat waves.

Nearly half of Californians — and more than half of Inland Empire residents — said they’ve been affected by such an event in the past two years. That’s compared with one in three adults nationwide who in March told Gallup pollsters that they’d been impacted by extreme weather. The PPIC poll also shows that nearly three-quarters of all Californians link such events to climate change.

As a result, more than six in 10 residents told the PPIC that they believe the state’s stricter environmental laws and regulations are worth the cost, even if the rules put jobs or economic growth at risk.”

The article proposed schemes claiming that California politicians should utilize public “opinion surveys” to attempt to justify the states irrelevant global energy and climate policies versus developing competent energy and climate policy assessments based on evaluation of the most relevant and comprehensive energy and climate data (not politically contrived and four decades long failed climate alarmist models that have demonstrated their completely failed outcomes) is totally inane.

The article completely fails to make any effort to address the critical and controlling issues of global energy use and growth, global emissions outcomes and growth and reams of climate science measured data that clearly demonstrate that there is no climate emergency.

The author of this article clearly has little expertise involving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics but instead is lost in a world of politically driven climate alarmism hand waving propaganda as her basis for trying to weave her way through a misguided justification for imposing globally meaningless, massively costly, and completely irrelevant California climate schemes with these schemes representing nothing but energy and climate alarmism incompetence.

The article completely fails to even attempt to address the critically important issues of how California fits into the global energy and climate picture and in fact completely conceals the fact that assessing global energy use and emissions data is mandatory for effectively establishing energy policy determinations versus the articles ridiculous use of public “opinion surveys” as sufficient justification for determining California’s energy and climate policy decisions. 

The Energy Institute recently released its statistical assessment of global energy use and emissions in June 2023 updating global energy and emissions statistical data through year 2022 as shown below.

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