WaPo Celebrates Homosexualization of Boy Scouts


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Nothing was more wholesome and all-American than the Boy Scouts of America. So moonbats infiltrated and corrupted the organization. Because children are involved, the emphasis has been on perverted sex, in keeping with liberal proclivities.

Gushes the Washington Post:

Amid the hundreds of tents erected for the Boy Scouts of America’s National Jamboree, one especially stands out — decorated with a canopy of LGBTQ Pride flags and a string of multicolored lights, its tables covered with bowls of rainbow bracelets, pronoun stickers and diversity patches.

“This is my entire world,” said 18-year-old River Capell, a scout volunteer from Northern Virginia who describes themselves as nonbinary and pansexual.

River says the embrace of politicized sexual depravity by the BSA has been “incredibly welcoming and positive.”

Now that only a liberal would be willing to send their son out into the woods with these creeps, the BSA can be added to the list of institutions that have fallen to progressives.

The triumphant obituary was written by “queer journalist” Mike De Socio, who essentially admits that his fellow homosexuals have destroyed the BSA:

The organization lost nearly half of its membership between 2019 and 2020. This national event represents one of its first steps out of a generational nadir brought about by the pandemic, a sexual abuse scandal and an ensuing bankruptcy.

The BSA had barely resolved its struggle over membership policies — fully admitting gay men in 2015 and trans boys in 2017, and then cisgender girls in 2018 — before facing an avalanche of sexual abuse claims.

The BSA was crushed by a $2.46 billion settlement. Submitting to LGBT bullies comes at a price.

All’s well that ends well. As every Democrat knows, you have to destroy before you can replace:

Scouts within the ranks [i.e., leftist adults who had infiltrated the organization in order to subvert it] seized the moment to press for a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. A collective dubbed “Scouts for Black Lives” successfully pushed the organization to commit to a slate of projects, including a new diversity merit badge required for Eagle Scout rank.

No word on whether you can still achieve Eagle Scout status without an anal sex merit badge.

The BSA has been repurposed. It now serves to indoctrinate children with woke ideology and groom them on behalf of the Alphabet People. You may as well turn your son over to NAMBLA.

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