Mastodon, a social media platform used by leftist media “reporters,” has a serious PEDOPHILIA problem

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A social media platform for left-wing “reporters” known as Mastodon is a haven for pedophiles who are spreading highly explicit child sexual abuse material (CSAM), a new study from Stanford University‘s Internet Observatory has revealed.

Across 325,000 posts on Mastodon, Stanford researchers identified 112 instances of CSAM in just two days. The first instance took the researchers just five minutes to find, which shows just how common pedophiles are among left-wing reporters.

The Stanford team identified 713 uses of the 20 most prevalent CSAM hashtags containing video and / or audio media. There were also 1,217 text posts on Mastodon that linked to “off-site CSAM trading or grooming of minors.”

“We found that on one of the largest Mastodon instances in the Fediverse [a group of federated social networking services], 11 of the top 20 most commonly used hashtags were related to pedophilia,” the study explains.

David Thiel, one of the study researchers, also spoke directly to The Washington Post about the study, revealing that “we got more photo DNA hits in a two-day period than we’ve probably had in the entire history of our organization of doing any kind of social media analysis – and it’s not even close.”

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Instagram also caught harboring “an enormous pedophile network”

If you have never heard of Mastodon, it is probably because you are not a left-wing reporter and do not hang around on seedy social media platforms where child pornography and other gross perversions are traded.

Mastodon is branded as a “federated” social media platform, meaning people can join servers or “instances” that are “separate yet interconnected,” to quote The National Pulse‘s Jake Welch.

“However, such platforms often have more permissive guidelines,” Welch notes. “Mastodon, for example, employs one person to moderate content on the platform compared to sites like Meta, which have thousands of moderators.”

Mastodon and other federated platforms are not the only cesspools where pedophiles love to congregate. It was also just revealed that Instagram, a Mark Zuckerberg-owned social media platform that exists under the umbrella of Meta, which also owns Facebook, is similarly guilty of hosting “an enormous pedophile network.”

Not only are Instagram users disseminating child pornography without consequence, but they are also reportedly selling “commissions” for people who may be victims of child trafficking.

Stanford’s Internet Observatory was involved in that investigation as well, along with investigators from The Wall Street Journal and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Together, they identified “thousands of posts dedicated to advertising sex content featuring children.”

Not only is Instagram allowing such pedophile networks to exist on its platform, but it is also providing content-sharing and recommendation features to amplify their reach across the social media world.

According to Thiel, who formerly worked on the security team at Meta and now serves as the Stanford Internet Observatory’s chief technologist, Instagram utterly failed to put up the proper “guardrails” to hinder pedophile networks from congregating there.

The Journal‘s report on the matter added that Instagram failed to even address “basic” issues with the platform that allow pedophiles to use their various hashtags to connect and trade with one another.

“Content moderation in this area appears to be lax, despite the platform’s censorious approach over vaccines, right-wing politics, and LGBT+ exposés,” says The National Pulse‘s Jack Montgomery.

“Users not only find it difficult to report pro-pedophile content, but are even having it recommended to them by Instagram’s algorithms.”

Big Tech and social media platforms are magnets for pedophiles and child traffickers to do their dirty deeds.

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