Dem Lawmaker Says It’s ‘Clear’ To Him Hunter Biden Broke Laws

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by Jon Dougherty at

A Democratic lawmaker broke ranks with his party and openly claimed over the weekend he believes first son Hunter Biden is ‘clearly’ guilty of having committed crimes. Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut could not make his case, however, without taking jabs at Republicans and former President Donald Trump.

“Let me say something that you never heard a Republican member of Congress say in the four years of the Trump administration, which is that if Hunter Biden broke the law, he should be prosecuted,” Himes told MSNBC, according to Fox News. “And it is clear that he broke the law with respect to taxes and possibly the ownership of a handgun. He should be held accountable for that.”

“If he traded on his father’s influence, he should be held accountable for that. And I’m emphasizing this because you never, ever heard a Republican say the same thing about Donald Trump or his family,” Himes continued.

Himes went on to claim that so far, no evidence has been found linking Joe Biden to his son’s crimes, which some could say is false considering Republicans have said publicly they have seen FBI documents from “highly credible” sources indicating tens of millions of allegedly illicit funds went to both men — though those allegations have not been presented in court nor have either man has been charged with any crimes.

“Now, to the question about impeachment, there is today zero evidence, zero evidence that Joe Biden, the president of the United States, knew about what his son was doing. If, if he did know about it, if he participated in that, then that is a very different conversation,” Himes added.

Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed he had no information about any of his son’s business dealings, but according to a pair of IRS whistleblowers who have testified before House committees in recent weeks, Hunter Biden said his dad was in the room with him when he was demanding millions from a Chinese business associate.

Agency investigators told lawmakers on the House Oversight Committee they found messages from an iCloud search warrant, but Justice Department prosecutors “denied investigators’ requests to develop a strategy to look into the messages and denied investigators’ suggestion to obtain location information to see where the texts were sent from.”

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