Is The Dept Of Energy’s Enterprise Assessments Group Tied To The Corrupt UNOPS?


by Conor

Most Americans have never heard of the DOE’s new Office of Enterprise Assessments (EA), or that US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s has created a new DOE Climate Corp of highly trained professionals to allegedly cure the problems created by what UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres claims is a new era of Global Boiling. Citizens had to be kept in the dark about the DOE’s new climate crusaders, because their partners over at the United Nations Office of Professional Services (UNOPS) are currently embroiled in another corruption scandal related to a “For-Profit” business model. This latest scandal involves a 2014 scheme by the UNOPS Executive Grete Faremo, who began blending the private-sector efficiency of her stakeholder partners, with the UN’s not-for profit values. Her business-driven model produced several corrupt back-room deals, that has created some very serious credibility issues for both the UN and the DOE. These agencies allowed Grete Faremo, a politically connected Norwegian bureaucrat to play the part of a entrepreneurial business leader at UNOPS, that had valiantly overcome the resistance to her intermingling the “For Profit” private-sector partners interest of her friends, with the UN’s not-for-profit aims. This is not a secret! American tax-payers are just not allowed to consider these issues, because the political elites believe its none of your business.

The UN’s Office of Internal Oversight Services has repeatedly denied House Foreign Affairs Chairman Michael McCaul assess into the UN’s investigation of tens of millions of dollar that have gone missing from UNOPS. But an open and transparent investigation of UNOPS is not likely to happen soon, because that might accidentally expose another completely different Climate Corps group that is operating in the same marketplace. One operated by the Strategic Energy Innovations group which had produced a 400-page 2022 Climate Ambition Report, that is now claiming that the US has already achieved its target of net economy-wide emissions reductions in the range of 17 percent below 2005 levels in 2020, but couldn’t define any of the benefits achieved from their efforts. Corporate media needed to suppress that report about the apparent success of this other Climate Corps efforts to save the planet, because its basically just a 400-page Pipe Dream produced by delusional Progressives pretending to be savvy innovators.

The California-based SEI Climate Corp partnership is headed by CA Governor Newsom’s wife Jennifer, who in 2020 also founded the California Partners Project that was directly linked to the fraudulent Silicon Valley Bank. Whicleaves some serious questions about the level of transparency and accountability at DOE’s new EA office, that has allegedly been performing independent assessments of the senior DOE leadership that are providing for the safety of its employees and the general public. The EA office also operates the DOE National Training Center (NTC) for Secretary Granholm’s new Climate Corp, that recently released its own 2022 End of Year Report, claiming to have issued more than 26,000 training certificates, which they claim represents more than 226,000 hours of student training in the core competencies of the Certified Climate Change Professionals®. The EA office still hasn’t filled several vacancies in its top administrative roles, but somehow managed to created a totally corrupt hiring process through the DOE Application Portal that doesn’t require applicants to provide a Social Security number, home address, criminal history, medical information or a even a passport or drivers license number that would be required by any honest employer.

Recently the DOE disclosed that its ENERGY STAR brand was originally set-up by the former CIA Director George H W Bush, as a type of public/private partnership back in 1992. With the legal aspects of the new DOE program overseen to some degree by another former CIA lawyer named Bill Barr, who had earned the nickname of Bill Coverup-General Barr for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal. In January of 2023, the EPA announced it had just certified the Samsung Corporation as the first provider of their new Smart Home Energy Management System, that could potentially be worth trillions of dollars to the DOE’s secret private-sector investors in the ENERGY STAR® brand. This Smart Grid meter system appears to be the ultimate spy tool, that was developed to provide every home with EPA-approved products and services based on social-justice scores provided by the investor/owners of the ENERGY STAR® brand.

Fake News censored the fact that back in 2009, then Energy Secretary Steven Chu had released the EPA: Lead By Example guidelines for tribes, state and federal agencies that directed bureaucrats to claim ENERGY STAR products and services were producing “deemed” energy-savings that were 25% to 50% more than identical products. This was passed off as a form of industrial-grade energy-efficiency, in which bureaucrats would estimate the amount of electrical energy they pretended to have saved at their agencies. This was an easily provable lie, that was accepted without question by groups like California’s Climate One and the Prosperity Partnership of the Puget Sound that had been created after three Democrat governors secretly signed on to the West Coast Governors Global Warming Initiative in 2003, after the US Senate rejected the Kyoto Protocols. That secretive agenda was expanded in 2007, with the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) that placed even more confusion in the ranks of local and regional bodies, because most of the member states had abandoned the WCI initiative by 2011. Leaving only California and Canadians playing along with this scheme, after even new Democrat governors began immediately rejecting the scam. By 2022, only the political elite environmental groups were claiming prosperity was flowing from the carbon-credit trading schemes utilizing the imaginary energy-savings estimated by bureaucrats. The average citizen residing in those effected states were clueless to these corrupt schemes, which were essentially operated in conjunction with electrical utility districts under federal supervision. No regular business person would have been invited to participated in those schemes, because an honest person would have immediately noticed the conflicts of interest created by placing bureaucrats in charge of profit-making enterprises utilizing a government-invented commodity of questionable value. The ENERGY STAR product line has mandated for use by the entire US government since 1993, and tolerates absolutely no competition from the private sector of it multi-billion dollar commodity. It was the EPA motto ‘If its not ENERGY STAR, its not energy efficiency” that created this distorted image of DOE’s scientific superiority, which allowed radicals to refer to anyone questioning their version of science was a Knuckle-Dragging Neanderthal. The DOE then created cockeyed reports like “Barriers To Industrial Energy Efficiency”, that makes it sound like facility engineers and managers were idiots that would reject real cutting-edge technologies that reduce cost and increase profits. That is simply not true!

All of these shady groups are engaged in rank propaganda, that has been pushed by mainstream media on behalf of a small cadre of corrupt US officials, politicians and banksters for well over three decades now. If there was any evidence to support EPA’s claims of the hundreds of billions of dollars in electrical energy-savings from DOE green-washing schemes, you shouldn’t have any problem finding some type of records to account for all that green stuff.

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