Tripwire – Gavin Newsom Sets Up PAC and Super PAC Fundraising – Ron DeSantis Agrees to Debate Newsom in November

Newsom vs DeSantis

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Gee, who woulda thunk?  A couple of data points to highlight the construct of something we have predicted for a year.  Those who control the illusion of choice within each club, RNC and DNC, have always looked to be constructing a 2024 outcome where Gavin Newsom competes against Ron DeSantis.

First, California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has recently set up a Political Action Committee (PAC) and a Super PAC that would seemingly support the perspective of his presidential ambitions.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Gov. Gavin Newsom is taking fundraising steps often used by potential presidential candidates, setting up multiple committees that in their first three months have raised and spent millions of dollars.

The three Newsom-affiliated committees are a political action committee, which limits contributions to $5,000 a year and can donate to individual candidates; a SuperPAC, which can raise unlimited amounts of cash but is restricted from promoting a specific candidate, and a joint fundraising committee, which functions like a bank, mostly collecting and distributing funds to the other groups. (more)

One day later, Ron DeSantis announces on the Moudoch news channel, using the mockingbird broadcaster, that he is willing to debate Gavin Newsom this November. Notice the states, and you will easily be able to guess which one will be selected for the venue.

(Via Politico) – Govs. Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom have tentatively agreed to debate — one hosted by Fox News.

The Florida Republican and California Democrat have repeatedly sparred over policies in their respective states, each representing one side of the ideological spectrum though occupying different political perches. DeSantis, a Republican, is trailing former President Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination while Newsom, a Democrat, has brushed aside questions about his own presidential ambitions to become a super surrogate of sorts for President Joe Biden.

A showdown between the two seemed unlikely as DeSantis ramped up his presidential campaign. But Newsom still has spent months trying to entice his counterpart into joining him on a stage.

On Wednesday, DeSantis agreed, telling Fox News’ Sean Hannity: “Absolutely I’m game. Just tell me when and where.”

An aide to Newsom told POLITICO that the governor was also in. Newsom’s office had sent a formal request offer to Fox News last week with proposed debate dates of Nov. 8 or Nov. 10. That request called for Hannity to serve as the sole moderator for a 90-minute forum on Fox News that would not include an in-studio audience and would air live.

[…] In his letter, Newsom’s office proposed three separate debate sights: Nevada, Georgia or North Carolina. (more)

Those who control the illusion of choice have to proceed with the planning as if the objective to remove candidate Donald Trump will succeed.

That sets up Joe Biden to announce withdrawal due to medical issues.

The state they will choose for this GN -v- RD debate venue is easy, Georgia.

Nothing is a coincidence.

Throughout our analysis of the preferred ’24 outcome by those in the background who ultimately seek to control elections through the activity of front men, those artfully skilled at presenting the illusion of choice, it has always looked like the RNC/DNC preferred presentation was a Ron DeSantis -v- Gavin Newsom (win/win) contest.

The landscape of the ’24 election would then be reduced to “social issues” as distinctions between the two faces of the contest, while the economics of things – the substantive part – carries a far lesser contrast. An almost identical replay to the attempted 2016 construct of Hillary -v- Jeb.

In 2016, the RNC/DNC corporations wanted a Hillary v Jeb matchup. That was the outcome of both corporate intents, and all processes were deployed to create that outcome.  For 2024, it became obvious last year the corporations wanted a Newsom v DeSantis contest.  In that matchup the people who control the financial mechanisms can maintain their status quo.  The billionaire funders for DeSantis, RGA/RNC would be quite okay with a Newsom outcome.

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