‘Where’s AOC?’: Photos Reveal Migrants in Outside Cages in Blistering Summer Heat at the Border

Migrants Cages

by Mary Chastain at legalinsurrection.com

“Hi @AOC – are you gonna bust out your white pantsuit and red lipstick for a photo op or do you only care about cages when a Republican is in office?”

Where are you, AOC? The Daily Mail and The Intercept released pictures of migrants in outside cages in Arizona. The temperature has spiked over 110 degrees.

The border patrol and other officials are still overwhelmed. I wrote the other day that border crossings boomed in July because those at the border have no other choice.

Guess what. These poor people are in cages because the border patrol has no other choice:

DailyMail.com pictures show people crammed onto narrow benches as they seek out shade to protect them from the burning sun in a region where temperatures are expected to hit 113F at the weekend.

Figures can be seen taking it in turns to stand in front of a giant fan at Ajo Border Patrol station.

The site is in the remote desert, about two hours west of Tucson. The area is at the heart of a surge in migrant arrivals, undermining Biden administration hopes that its new immigration restrictions are having an impact.

And the increase marks a reversal of the normal pattern, when arrivals tail off amid the extreme heat of the summer.

These poor people are led to believe that the border is open and they can cross without consequences. They sell their life savings and more to traffickers to come to America. Democrats lead them to believe everything will be sunshine and rainbows.

But no, because no one will reform our immigration system, and Democrats cannot stop with their promises.

Advocates and local officials lashed out at the treatment. Thank goodness one realized that the problem is deeper and a Band-Aid cannot heal the injury:

The Border Patrol station in Ajo can process a few hundred people a day, and on Monday upward of 800 to 1,000 people turned themselves in at the border wall, said a second humanitarian volunteer, who asked not to be named and has spent weeks providing aid at the border wall south of Ajo. “If you have a better idea what they should do, bring it,” he said, referring to the Border Patrol. “They’re out of buses. They’re out of equipment. I can imagine they would put people out in the parking lot if they have to. I don’t know they had a choice.”

But I’m not the only one who wants to know why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t at the border, decrying the treatment of migrants at the hands of President Donald Trump.

Oh wait. I forgot. Joe Biden, a Democrat, is the president.

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