The Evil of Climate Alarmism: Dissecting Michael Walsh’s: Hoax of the Millennium


by Charles Rotter at

The discourse around climate change has been nothing short of apocalyptic, with proclamations of impending doom dominating our news feeds. However, as Michael Walsh’s excellent column, “Hoax of the Millennium,” elucidates, the scenario isn’t quite as dire as climate alarmists would have us believe. This blog post attempts to dissect Walsh’s column and unpack the truths often overlooked in the climate change debate.

Today, and each day for the next two weeks, will address the issue of “climate change,” which like Covid-19 and “Russian collusion,” is one of the great hoaxes of the modern era, maliciously concocted out of whole cloth by people who mean to harm western civilization and using the cudgel of “compassion” and “concern” with which to do it. Of the three, the “climate change” hoax, which threatens the foundations of civilized life, is by far the most inimical. Please follow our series as we debunk the claims made by the apocalypticists and their media allies.

Walsh begins his column by labeling climate change, Covid-19, and “Russian collusion” as the greatest hoaxes of the modern era, designed by those who intend to harm western civilization. But it is climate change, according to Walsh, that is the most threatening hoax because of its potential to undermine the foundations of civilized life. He urges readers to follow the series at, for the next two weeks, where they will regularly debunk the apocalyptic claims made by the media and climate alarmists. Emphasis mine.
To begin: the climate is always changing. Only an illiterate or a fool cannot understand this elementary concept. There is no need to delve into any scientific studies based on wildly or deliberately inaccurate computer “models” to know this. There is no need to be emotionally stampeded by tiresome, and always wrong, Jeremiahs of doom like Paul Ehrlich. There is no truth in the statistical manipulation that proclaims a full 97 percent of “climate scientists” agree that changes in the climate are the work of mankind. You don’t have to worry about carbon emissions.
Walsh suggests that the “climate movement” threatens to undo Western civilization’s accomplishments in science, technology, and religion, replacing them with an inhuman and godless form of primitivism. The movement, according to him, promotes a culture of fear and guilt with the ultimate aim of controlling the human population. He likens the climate change narrative to a global-scale mass-suicide cult, coercing individuals into reducing their standard of living and lowering their expectations for the future.
Our writers will tackle this topic and more in the coming fortnight, but one thing is clear: you are being lied to on a massive scale by a quasi-Marxist mass-suicide cult — think Jonestown on a global scale — in order that you lower your standard of living, rid yourself of all earthly possessions, abandon your expectations for the future, stop having children, cease all consumption, and disappear from planet Earth.
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