Typhoon Doksuri: Alarming pictures show floods in China, Philippines

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Storms bearing unusually torrential rain and ferocious winds this early in the north Pacific typhoon season have flooded large swathes of East Asia, with China among the countries worst hit.

In the capital of Beijing alone, the amount of rain over the past week has broken a 140-year-old record.

People in Beijing and neighbouring Hebei province fled their homes on inflatable boats and lorries as Doksuri, a former super typhoon, drenched China’s north-east.

At least 10 people have died and 18 are missing, and officials have evacuated millions of people.

The floods damaged roads and bridges, submerged cars and destroyed construction sites.

Doksuri slammed into China last weekend and drenched the north-east for most of the week. The region had barely recovered from typhoon Talim the week prior.

Then, there’s the threat of typhoon Khanun out at sea off China’s east coast, which threatens to intensify rains in areas hit by Doksuri.

In areas where the floods have subsided, residents have started shovelling mud out of their homes. The following three photos were also taken in Beijing.

The waterlogged scenes also played out in the Philippines, where Khanun, Doksuri and Talim exacerbated seasonal monsoon rains.

While storm-weary Filipinos went about with as much of their daily routines as they could, the typhoons highlighted perennial problems of flooding in the capital, Manila, and its suburbs of Bulacan and Pampanga.

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