More Financial Ties Surface Linking Leon Black to Jeffrey Epstein – Billionaire Financier Was the Sole Donor to a Shady Charity Run by the Late Pedophile

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by Paul Serran at

Another week, another revelation about Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring is damaging the reputation of the rich and powerful.

Take for example Wall Street titan Leon Black – under renewed scrutiny for his long and close relationship with Epstein.

On one hand, he is being probed in the Senate –  where the Finance Committee is investigating whether Black met his tax obligations in the more than $158million he paid Epstein for ‘tax advice’ – and also the reason why he did it in the first place.

At the same time, he has been on the press’ radar, for multiple reasons. To begin with, it surfaced that he paid $62million to the US Virgin Island government to keep prosecutors to involve him in litigation against the Epstein’s estate. And also, because the embattled financier is being sued by a ‘Jane Doe’ Epstein Trafficking Victim, who accuses him of rape and abuse.

And this week, even more financial ties between Black and  Epstein have been uncovered.

Daily Mail reported:

“In 2015, Black donated $10million to Gratitude America, a charity run by Jeffrey Epstein with the vague mission of ‘supporting the expression of gratitude for the ideals of America’.”

It is a suspicious move, since that was the only donation that the ‘charity’ had received at the time – despite having existed for three years.

“In the same month, Guzel Ganieva – a Russian model who was Black’s mistress – received the first of what was supposed to be many $100,000 monthly payments to stay quiet about their relationship.

It came from a mysterious ‘E trust’, whereas all of the other money she’d received from Black was from his bank account. […] In total, she was due to receive $20million from Black as part of their deal.

In exchange, she signed an NDA agreeing to never speak of their romance, which involved meet-ups at an Upper East Side apartment across the street from where Black lives with his wife, Debra, and their children.”

Ganieva went public with her rape and harassment allegations in 2021, and when he accused her of lying, she sued for defamation.

She described the alleged sexual abuse, but her specific claims were redacted. She called him a ‘sadist’ with ‘abnormal’ sexual proclivities.

Her case was eventually dismissed due to the NDA she signed.

As it stands now, Leon Black is facing two suits from Epstein’s trafficking victims. One filed by Cheri Pierson in 2022, and the new one by a ‘Jane Doe’ with ‘mosaic Down syndrome’ and says he raped her when she was 16

Black strongly denies all accusations, and the suits are being litigated. Both women say his attacks happened at Jeffrey Epstein’s NY mansion.

Prosecutors from the US Virgin Island say Epstein’s criminal enterprise was bankrolled by money stored in the ‘Southern Trust Company’ from 2013 to 2017.

The total was $158million – the very same amount Black had given Epstein between 2012 and 2017.

His latest accuser, Jane Doe, has autism, which makes her vulnerable to grooming and alleged abuse.

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