Ukrainian Church Leader Given 5 Years In Prison For Being Seen As Sympathetic To Russia



Regional media says that Metropolitan Jonathan will see property confiscated which was under his oversight. Ukraine authorities have already seized several churches and monasteries on accusations of cooperating with Russia. 

Other clergy members have also seen jail time or have been placed under house arrest, or else harassment by mobs of far-right Ukrainian nationalists, most often for merely calling for peace between the two countries

According to a regional Orthodox church source

Meanwhile, His Eminence Metropolitan Pavel of Vyshgorod, the abbot of the Kiev Caves Lavra, was finally released from custody on bail today.

Met. Jonathan, however, will be held under nighttime house arrest until the verdict enters into force. His Eminence has repeatedly denied all charges against him and will file an appeal “against the clearly illegal verdict of the Vinnitsa City Court.”

The same source states he was found guilty of the following Ukrainian laws:

  • justification, recognition as lawful, denial of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, glorification of its participants
  • actions aimed at forcibly changing or overthrowing the constitutional order or seizing state power
  • encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, distribution of materials calling for changing the borders of the territory and state border of Ukraine
  • violation of equal rights of citizens depending on their race, nationality, regional affiliation, religious beliefs, disability, and other grounds

This week, reports and video also emerged of a Ukrainian Catholic priest coming under persecution for merely holding a “prayer for peace”

Likely we have not seen the end of church seizures and the arrests of clergymen, as Zelensky is now waging war not just on the invading Russians, but on Orthodox Christians within Ukraine itself.

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