X-Corp CEO Linda Yaccarino: “If it is lawful but it’s awful, it’s extraordinarily difficult for you to see it, and you get labeled”…

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by Sundance at theconservativetreehouse.com

X-Corp, formerly known as Twitter, CEO Linda Yaccarino appeared on CNBC to discuss the new direction of the platform and affirm her complete autonomy to control the decision making within the corporation.

It’s important to note the timing for the first CEO appearance of Yaccarino against the backdrop of CTH financial analysis of the company.  According to my calculations X-Corp will run out of working capital, the actual cash needed to pay expenses, in mid to late October; roughly two months from now.  At that point Elon Musk and Linda Yaccarino will need to go back into the market for more cash.

After asserting her complete unilateral control over all decision making within the company, Yaccarino then went on to discuss how information will be defined according to new operational standards she is helping to implement.  The pertinent part of the conversation happens at the 01:16 point of the video segment below. WATCH: 

…”if you are going to post something that is illegal or against the law, you’re gone. Zero tolerance. But more importantly, if you are going to post something that is lawful, but it’s awful, you get labeled.  You get labeled, you get deamplified, which means it cannot be shared, and it is certainly demonetized. … So, they [advertisers] are protected from the risk of being next to that content.”… 

The position essentially seems reasonable, I guess. However, I still don’t trust any of the cattle car valets with DHS authorizations and credentials.

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