‘It’s Over’ Moans Deutsch on Fears Trump Will Shut Down Morning Joe


by Peter Kotara at newsbusters.org

“It’s over” wailed MSNBC co-host Donny Deutsch on Friday’s Morning Joe as he declared the show would be finished if Donald Trump ended up winning the 2024 election. This breakdown occurred while Deutsch and host Joe Scarborough were decrying the assault on democracy liberals imagined Republicans were plotting.

Deutsch said that Trump, if he got into the White House again, would use the FCC to ban liberal media like Morning Joe, comparing him to Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, another frequent target of the left.

After a segment where Scarborough attacked Ron DeSantis for removing a Soros funded weak-on-crime prosecutor, Deutsch exclaimed:

Do you not understand that if Donald Trump wins, nothing else matters because it’s over? Morning Joe might actually — just to take a little example. Morning Joe might not exist anymore because Donald Trump has said as all autocrats say what they will do, and he has said, if I’m elected, I want the FCC reporting directly to me, and he will cancel this show. I mean, you need to think that — excuse me. That extreme. It’s over. Freedom is over if Donald Trump gets elected. It’s that simple. No other issue matters. Every other issue sprinkles down from that. However you feel about the economy, however you feel about whatever issue you’re dealing with, we turn into an autocracy. What our forefathers fought for 250 years ago is over. That’s what’s at stake in this election. Everything else is a subtext to that. 

Deutsch’s exclamation was absolutely hilarious while it simultaneously underscored a real threat. The world would be a much better place if MNSBC and Morning Joe were shut down, but the likelihood Trump would actually use the government to shut them down was very low, especially considering how wildly insane and not credible the show has become.

But Deutsch did touch on a very real threat. Of course, here the left was guilty of exactly what they were accusing the right of, as per usual. Scarborough himself even had to call out liberals for trying to use the FCC to ban Fox News because they didn’t like its conservative content right after Deutsch spoke.

“You have liberals all the time saying you need to push to have Fox News – like get the FCC to investigate this and get the FCC to investigate that,” Scarborough admitted.

And let’s not forget the fact that the left for years has been trying through lawsuits, cancel culture, social media bans, and government action to shut down and silence opposition. They have targeted just about every major conservative voice some way or another just to silence them and seize political and social power for themselves- just like dictators and autocrats do.

Worried about freedom in America? Well, MSNBC, you might want to take a look at Michigan’s unconstitutional and downright Orwellian law that fines or jails any person who refused to use the pronouns liberals want.

What our forefathers fought for absolutely is at stake in America. It’s not threatened by Trump, but by the rampant lying, bias, stirring up of division, propaganda, and one-sided coverage put out by the liberal media.

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