Corruption Continues in Ukraine



Biden just demanded another $25 billion+ be blown on Ukraine, atop of the staggering $113 billion already spent risking WWIII over an issue that does not concern us. We will pick up the tab through taxation and inflation, so we may as well know where the money is going:

Ukraine’s regional army chiefs bought luxury cars and properties in Spain while their countrymen died on the frontlines, a former advisor to the Ukrainian Parliament has exclusively told Daily Express US.

This led to the blanket firing of Ukraine’s regional military recruitment chiefs by President Volodymyr Zelensky earlier [yesterday], according to Mykola Volkivskyi.

Playing whack-a-mole with corruption in a country as notoriously rotted through with it as Ukraine is not an easy task.

Earlier this year, nine top officials were sacked after they were accused of taking bribes and vacationing in Spain and France during wartime.

Of course, not all of our money is going to vacation homes in Spain. In addition to the money spent killing Russians, no doubt some gets kicked back. You have to take care of your friends.

Not that Bidens make for the best of friends. They may make more money playing both sides:

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