Lawfare Rep Goldman Admits Biden Broad Immunity Deal Was Political Construct Intended to Protect Biden Family from Future Accountability for Prior Criminal Conduct

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Wickedness has a way of manifesting in the human body.   As the physical lifeforce within Daniel Goldman begins diminishing, the pale and sullen former Robert Mueller operative appears on CNN to discuss the Hunter Biden case and the appointment of the special counsel.

Skilled in the dark arts of lawfare, Representative Goldman spins the investigation to its situational opposite; however, he does reveal that David Weiss was motivated by politics when he constructed the plea agreement for Hunter Biden.  According to Goldman, the plea deal was built around broad immunity for any criminal conduct so that a future DOJ -one not in alignment with the Biden crime syndicate- could not hold the Biden crime family accountable. WATCH:

…”Now, in the ordinary course, you would not give immunity for other conduct than what is charged. But this is not the ordinary course, because you have a petty, vindictive bully running as the — for president on the Republican Party who will use revenge and weaponize the Department of Justice to potentially charge Hunter Biden.

So, even though I’m sure Hunter Biden has confidence that David Weiss will not charge him with additional crimes, they have no confidence that, if Donald Trump wins, that he would weaponize the Department of Justice to charge Hunter Biden, go back and charge him.”…

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