The Suspense Builds – What Is the Solution to Save US Elections? Mike Lindell to Reveal His Plan on Thursday

Lindell Election Summit

by Jim Hoft at

America is eagerly waiting to see what Mike Lindell will unveil this Thursday to save America’s elections. 

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This week in Springfield, Missouri, entrepreneur and American icon Mike Lindell, known to many as the “My Pillow Guy”, will unveil the solution to save America.  Lindell has worked tirelessly for many months since the 2020 Election with many concerned citizens across the country to ensure that US elections going forward are free and fair.

Lindell’s “Election Summit” will take place on Wednesday and Thursday in Springfield, the site of last year’s event.  Many Americans from across the country will be there to participate and to take in the information shared.

The list of presenters at this year’s event include Lindell, “America’s Mayor” Rudi Giuliani, Texas AG Ken Paxton, Justice Mike Gabelman from Wisconsin, Steve Bannon, General Mike Flynn, Lou Dobbs, and many more.  The event will also include a number of election experts and local patriots who have worked tirelessly across the country to ensure the next election is not stolen like in 2020.

Lindell shares that only 14 people know the solution he will propose.  Those involved have kept this secret for some time.  Lindell says that tens of thousands of Americans on the ground across this great nation have been working to address the numerous issues with the 2020 and 2022 elections.  These individuals have canvassed and attended numerous local, county and state meetings encouraging those in charge to take seriously these elections that impact the entire world.

“Nothing like this has ever been done before in history”, Lindell shares.  His solution doesn’t depend on legislators or judges to implement.  But most importantly, this week will provide hope to the many Americans who have suffered under the Biden regime.

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