Todd Frets Biden’s Collapsing Poll Numbers: Looks Like Hillary in 2016


by Kevin Tober at

Is the media starting to panic? Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd put up a graphic during his roundtable discussion which compared President Joe Biden’s most recent standing in the polls with where he was in October 2020, as well as Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers in October 2016. This clearly made him nervous since Biden is far behind where both he and Clinton were. Of course, he couldn’t blame Biden’s own horrendous track record. Instead, it was all Donald Trump & Rudy Giuliani’s fault for trying to “tarnish Biden.” 

After chatting about the special counsel investigation into Hunter Biden, Todd pointed out that all the Biden crime family scandals are finally catching up to Joe Biden politically: “This stuff has taken a huge toll on him,” Todd bemoaned. 

“Biden, right before the 2020 election he was right side up which in our polarized politics is quite astonishing. But look, Trump and Rudy Giuliani began this campaign to try to tarnish Biden and try to turn him into the Clinton name with the obsession over the Ukraine businesses with Hunter, and it’s worked,” Todd worried. “His numbers now look more like Hillary Clinton in ’16 than Biden ’20.”  

Panelist and Boston Globe opinion columnist Kimberly Atkins Stohr laughably insisted that “The two biggest issues is democracy and offshoot of that is the abortion issue. That is something that should be front and center of a message.” 

That campaign advice is almost as bad as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes urging Joe Biden and congressional Democrats to run on their inflation record. The amount of voters who care primarily about “democracy” and killing unborn babies is slim. 

Stohr ended by proclaiming that Biden “seems to be campaigning in a bygone era that he feels more comfortable in, that he wishes the world were. But that’s not where we are right now. We have the former President about to go on trial for attacking the nation’s election.”

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