Democrats, Governor’s Office, Attorney General and WEC Administrator Plan to Remain in Office Indefinitely Openly Breaking the Law

Wisconsin Reulsts

by Jefferson Davis at

Madison – Just when it was thought that democrats had already reached an all-time low involving election integrity in Wisconsin, they have now apparently decided to collectively reach a new low when they appear to have decided they don’t have to follow any state election statutes involving the appointment process of an Administrator of Elections.

The Gateway Pundit has previously covered this developing story 

The current Administrator of Elections in Wisconsin served a 4-year term through June 30th that started in 2019 confirmed by the Senate.

The Administrator of Elections is nominated to serve a 4-year term by the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) and is ultimately confirmed by the Wisconsin State Senate per Wisconsin State Statute 15.61 .

State Statute 15.61 is without any ambiguity and is abundantly clear what the legal and constitutional process is to appoint an Administrator of Elections.

The current Administrator of Elections’ 4-year term ended on June 30, 2023.

The current Administrator of Elections has been the subject of ongoing scrutiny and criticism for several years with what some believe is the unethical and perhaps criminal administration of elections and have repeatedly asked for her resignation as well as firings for some Staff Members.

Probably one of the most egregious examples of the unethical administration of elections by the current Administrator of Elections was during the 2020 Presidential Election in Wisconsin with what some have said was the unforgiveable processing of absentee ballots in long term care facilities including veteran homes in a statewide race supposedly decided by 20,682 voters.

The Administrator of Elections also received a scathing review from the Office of Special Counsel in 2022, who investigated the administration of elections for the 2020 Presidential Election in Wisconsin, which ultimately recommended Wisconsin’s 10 Electoral College Votes should be reclaimed until it could be officially and legally determined if the election fraud affected the outcome of the election in a statewide race supposedly decided by 20,682 votes.

To make matters even worse for the Administrator of Elections, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled in July of 2022 that the 2020 Presidential Election results were “illegitimate” due mainly in part to the Administrator of Elections who did not follow the law causing “harm and injury” to voters when she approved the Zuckerberg absentee ballot drop boxes that had hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots deposited into them for a statewide race supposedly decided by 20,682 votes (click Frontsheet (

The Governor’s Office fully supports the current Administrator of Elections.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), 3 republicans and 3 democrats approved by the Senate, held an emergency meeting near the end of June to make a recommendation on the position of Administrator of Elections for a new 4-year term as prescribed in State Statute 15.61.

The 3 liberal progressive democrats thought they had outsmarted the 3 republicans and the voters of Wisconsin when they abstained from voting on the recommendation.

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