Leftist Lawfare Elation, After Fourth Indictment Some Obviously Convinced President Donald Trump Is A Ham Sandwich

08262023 Leftist Lawfare Elation After Fourth Indictment Some Obviously Convinced President Donald Trump Is A Ham Sandwich b

by Mister Goldilox at realityshed.com

First things first…’What is an indictment?’
“An indictment is a formal accusation that a person has committed a crime.” –from ‘Indictment’ via wikipedia.org

The key word there is ACCUSATION. The problem is that, since 2020 and the antifablm (or blmantifa) riots, prosecutors in some jurisdictions don’t take law and legal procedures seriously. You can thank George Soros for that, since he used his fortune to install virtually all of those doing so.

The same people (democRATs, but also RINOs…Republicans In Name Only, so not actually real Republicans), who push that the United States of America is a ‘democracy'[SIC] are using the indictment process to push another lie.

They are the low hanging fruit, and you can always tell because they have no knowledge of how our legal system actually works. And that lie they are pushing is that President Donald Trump is guilty of ‘muh crimes’.

Trump is actually guilty of trying to stop others (them!) from committing crimes, failing, and instead being accused of their crimes by them. Here is some ammo to burst their delusion bubbles.

There is an old saying in legal circles (as opposed to illegal circles, which, as the name indicates, are against the law), that a prosecutor could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. The origin of that is disputed, and we have found two versions, from roughly the same time period.‘

Where did indict a ham sandwich come from?’
“Word researcher Barry Popik found the line attributed to Thomas Puccio, a Justice Department attorney who was a lead prosecutor in the Abscam federal corruption case. In February 1982, Washington Post columnist Jack Anderson quoted Puccio: “’I could,’ he boasted in front of witnesses, ‘indict a ham sandwich.”, –from ‘‘Indict a Ham Sandwich’ Remains on the Menu for Judges, Prosecutors Saying about prosecutorial power stretches back decades; the upstate New York connection’ via wsj.com.

AND…’Why is it so easy to indict?’
“Since, traditionally, the defense doesn’t get a say, it’s pretty easy to get a grand jury to indict someone in most cases. In fact, it’s so easy in most cases that a former New York state [Court of Appeals, 1985 to 1992] chief judge, Sol Wachtler, famously remarked that a prosecutor could persuade a grand jury to “indict a ham sandwich.”” –from ‘You could “indict a ham sandwich”’ via mymetmedia.com.

No matter who said it first, and why, what matters is that it is true. In fact, it is also virtually automatic!

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