Malone: CIA and the Covid Pandemic

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The U.S. intelligence community has been deeply involved in all stages of the Covid crisis, warns Dr. Robert Malone, a leading voice in the medical freedom movement.

Trying to grasp the uncanny synchronicity of the global response to the Covid pandemic, Dr. Robert Malone, a highly regarded biodefense expert and one of the original inventors of the mRNA vaccine platform, came to the conclusion that it could not be accidental. The information received from multiple insider sources, fortified by numerous pieces of situational evidence, made Dr. Malone conclude that the mastermind behind the pandemic was the U.S. intelligence community, driven by the pursuit of the authoritarian “New Normal” so alien to the interests of everyday people around the world.

On July 31, The New American interviewed Dr. Robert Malone at his residence in Madison, Virginia. We talked to him about the role of the intelligence community, particularly the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its surrogates, in the biowarfare programs, their peculiar collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), and the possible explanations of their motivation, which arguably stems from the population-control and financial interests of the global oligarchy.

The following is a condensed version of our discussion with him. The extended transcripts of the two-part interview are available at The full interview is available at on two videos under the umbrella title “Puppet Masters of the Pandemic” (Part 1 here). This interview was conducted by senior editor Veronika Kyrylenko.

The New American: While speaking with Steve Bannon [recently], you said, quoting your sources from inside the CIA, “Clearly the United States intelligence community was at the heart of this whole Covid crisis, working together with the CCP throughout this entire affair.” What role, exactly, did our intelligence community play before and during the pandemic?

Dr. Robert Malone: When I speak of the intelligence community, it’s a very broad spectrum of capabilities that includes the Department of Defense activities under Tony Fauci, as it also includes the NIH [biodefense research activities]. And then, it’s even larger than that because of the Five Eyes Alliance. So this is Great Britain, Canada, the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand; all the lockdown countries that have been perhaps most aggressive in their propaganda, use of fifth-generation warfare, censorship, retaliation against civilian populations, et cetera.

So when I speak of the intelligence community, I’m really talking about a matrix of global capabilities that knowledgeable people within my sphere argue is the most powerful organization on earth. That currently, full stop, has amazing global reach. 

What has been their role throughout this Covid crisis? And as you know, this has been a journey that I’ve been on.

There are some things that have really bothered me all the way through this. One was having the opportunity to hear and interact directly with Michael Callahan early on in the outbreak. Michael Callahan is a retired CIA officer who was at DARPA [and] was a program officer responsible for a lot of the modern biologics programs. DARPA, [the] Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is the operational developmental arm of the CIA.

So to recap, Callahan gave me a call on January 2 of 2020, in which he told me that this [corona]virus, while he was in Wuhan at the time, looked like a real threat. That it had emerged into the population in Wuhan and that I should get the people that I’ve been associated with loosely activated and focused on trying to come up with potential solutions for this in terms of medical countermeasures — drugs or vaccines — for this new coronavirus.

I had downloaded this “Wuhan seafood market virus” sequence from the NIH sequence database as soon as it was released, which I think was January 10 or January 11, and started working on modeling x-ray crystallography based on that sequence, et cetera, so we could work on computational drug discovery. And I had a series of conversations with Michael on and off.

In February 2020, I challenged him, “Michael, this seems like it was an engineered virus that came from the laboratory, this laboratory, the Wuhan Institute.” 

And his response was quite literally“My people have been all over this sequence and there’s absolutely no evidence that it was engineered, okay?”

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