Runbeck Election Services in Phoenix Defies Public Records Request in Ongoing Investigation by Arizona Legislators – Subpoenas May be Issued

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by Jordan Conradson at

Arizona State Representative Alex Kolodin recently told The Gateway Pundit that legal action may be taken against Runbeck Runbeck Election Services’ failure to comply with public records request related to a legislative election investigation.

State Reps Jacqueline Parker, Chairwoman of the House Municipal Oversight and Elections Committee, and committee Vice Chair Alexander Kolodin fired off a letter to Runbeck on June 27, requesting information “regarding artificial intelligence applications, communications with Maricopa County Elections Officials and other records.”

Rep. Alex Kolodin tweeted the letter that was sent to Runbeck in June:

In response to concerns from PCs about Runbeck, @electjacqparker and I are commencing an investigation into whether Title 16 adequately protects voters with respect to 3rd party vendors.

— Rep. Alexander Kolodin (@realAlexKolodin) June 28, 2023

The letter states,

Maricopa County officials have made unequivocal statements reassuring the public that they have not used artificial intelligence in the 2022 General Election. For example:

The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors has stated that the Recorders Office “does not use artificial intelligence to verify signatures, humans verify the signatures.” – Bill Gates, @billgatesaz, Twitter post (4/15/22).

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