Media More Concerned With DeSantis Not Meeting Biden Than With Hurricane Idalia Damage

by Fuzzy Slippers at

How can DeSantis “snub” Biden when there were no plans for them to meet in the first place?

Whether or not you support Florida governor Ron DeSantis in the GOP primary, you’d be hard-pressed to argue that he’s not an outstanding governor.

Indeed, he shines just as brightly when it comes to tackling emergencies from Communist China buying our state’s farmland to a national or global digital currency to covid and hurricanes as he does in battling Democrats’ plans to destroy our nation with Critical Race Theory, racist “anti-racist” training, and transgender indoctrination in our state’s classrooms.

DeSantis’ steady hand and superlative leadership ensured that those in the path of Hurricane Idalia received immediate and competent aid to restore power and other services and to get bridges and roads opened back up as quickly as humanly possible.

DeSantis doesn’t stand around waiting for FEMA to worry about the “equitable” and “antiracist” way to distribute aid; he jumps in and gets things done for all Floridians.

DeSantis absolutely rejects the Democrats’ insanity about human beings being the sole cause of climate change and Team Biden’s laughable claim that his rejection of string-riddled federal ‘climate’ aid somehow caused Hurricane Idalia.

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