Body Language Expert Analyzes Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes For Truthfulness


by Noah at

Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes continues to be a fascinating figure.

She claims to be working for the DOD on a “psyop” but the good kind of a “psyop” (if there is one).

Trying to avoid a civil war.

Part of a small team of 7 people working on this mission.

In case you’ve missed our prior coverage of what she’s said, I’ll place it down below because it’s wildly fascinating!

But right now I want to show you a Body Language Expert watching her latest interview with Nino and answering the question we all want to know:  Is this lady legit?

The video is only 13 minutes long and you need to watch it yourself, but I’ll give you this one spoiler: most of what she sees is confirming openness and honesty in responses.

But there’s a lot more in here, so please watch for yourself.


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