Was A Complementary Government Formed By Moonbats in 2003, Or Just A Bad Phy-Op?


George W Bush had just declared Mission Accomplished a month earlier, when Dr. John Hagelin of the Natural Law Party held an International Press Conference in Washington DC to announce a U.S. Peace Government designed for a “Complementary” US government to serve as America’s new primary government. If you missed the media press release on that historic event, it was probably related to the media excitement over the passage of the Patriot Act, that had changed the surveillance laws to make it easier to spy on ordinary Americans by expanding the authority to monitor private phone calls, snoop on email communications, and collecting bank activity to catch the evil-doers in the act. Intelligence agencies were all on high alert, to ensure that another group of enemies didn’t slip past detection to create havoc once again. So working with partners like the highly-trained scientist of the Natural Law Party, was probably an easy decision because these weren’t your average freaking morons looking to get paid. These were the type of experts the Pentagon could trust to help defuse the acute societal stress in America, that was fueling violence, crime, drug abuse, and other life- and health-afflicting behaviors, which would surely improve the health, wealth and destiny of the rich people in our country, if we all practiced Transcendental Meditation each and every day.

American politics had evolved dramatically during the Clinton-era, when Fake News first introduced the deep thinkers of the Natural Law Party as a counter-weight to the political extremism that was sweeping across America at that time. So it was only natural, that the cabinet of George Bush Jr. would adopt the lessons taught by a new-age spiritual leader, teachings enlightenment to devotees of his father’s New World Order. That family secret was protected by Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment of “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican” that were totally drunk on power. As the GOP pushed Nancy Reagan’s campaign to ‘Just Say No” to drugs, the cool-kids club had began a transmutation from red to being green like Seattle. Which was more of a slime green, than the brilliant strain found imprinted on the US dollar bills that were being produced by the pallet load to influence world leader to accept the Green New Deal.

I was part of Ross Perot’s Reform Party back in October of 2000, when Maharishi Ji first established the Global Country of World Peace – Maharishi Vishwa Shanti Rashtra, a country without borders to bring the nourishing support of Natural Law to every government and individual on earth. The Global Country of World Peace was to lead the administrative quality of every government and individual in a direction of perfection, so that they function at par with the absolute administration of the universe, the Government of Nature, which is universally nourishing to all life. If you didn’t get the memo sent from the peace palace of the Maharishi, you shouldn’t feel alone. Most people were too busy living in the real world, to concern themselves with the fantasies of adults suffering from an affliction known as the Peter Pan Syndrome, where people act out the make-believe lives of cartoon characters in an old Walt Disney film. In which players can change their identities at any time, and project their own thoughts on to imaginary villains, or heroes, depending on what form of self-medication is providing their vision at at any particular moment in time.

Personally, I was busy at that time pushing the belief systems of a sane American leader, that was preaching about the need for a Balanced Budget Amendment to address the $4 trillion in debt that our nation had racked up from multiple wars on poverty, drugs and fiscal insanity. The elites didn’t want to talk about such foreign concepts, like individual liberty and freedom embraced by supporters of our little party for independent American voters. That placed us at a huge political disadvantage to the deep-thinkers in Natural Law Party embraced by the elites, which had bought into a new state-sanctioned religion using Transcendental Meditation as the pathway to world peace and happiness. We certainly didn’t possess the knowledge of the Yogic Flying lawyers at the EPA, that claimed to have come into some magic of their own. Which was actually just an imaginary commodity allegedly invented by the scientist at the Dept of Energy, that claimed their ENERGY STAR brand to be superior to all other known forms of government ”certified” electrical energy efficiency on the planet. So naturally the administration of Bill & Hillary Clinton would want to mandate the use of EPA-approved products and services for every sub-division of US government, and their pals at UNOPS. That Clinton-era mandate made have appeared to be massive Pay-To-Play racket, but that was a claim the media would never considered as they suppressed all factual news about the good and kindly members of the EPA’s Billionaires Club, a group that is thought to believe in the magic of the ENERGY STAR brand, that represents a unique Hollywood version of the proverbial ‘Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs’.

So if you’re now wondering if the lucrative government product line that was founded on the motto “If its not ENERGY STAR, its not energy efficient”, has really produced a group of highly-trained Certified Climate Change Professionals® schooled in the mystic arts. You might first consider if the world peace and happiness promised by U.S. Peace Government really did occur, or was that just another bush-league Phy-Op left behind from long ago?

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