I Wasn’t Going To Comment On The 9-11 Attacks, But…

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by Larry Johnson at thegatewaypundit.com

Blame my crazy sister. She lives in her own sheltered world. She graduated from high school in the middle of the pack and has done nothing since then to acquire a genuine education. Instead, she is part of the gullible crowd that are easily snagged by the fraudsters that populate the internet. So, this is the message that greeted me this morning.

My question to you is why were you used on national TV to spread lies. I hope you will admit that 911 was an inside job. You still have time to repent.

From My Idiot Sister

Needless to say, I was provoked. My response to her means I have a lot more repenting to do. Anyway, I do have some solid knowledge about what took place on 9-11 at the Pentagon. The deceased General Stubblebine is fundamentally and factually wrong. The dude failed to understand what a concrete/block wall does to a jet airliner traveling over 300 miles per hour.

I was at Washington’s Reagan National Airport on the morning of 11 September 2001, getting ready to board a flight at 10 am for La Guardia. I was headed to Long Island to play in a DEA charity golf tournament. I was standing in front of a urinal at the airport when I first heard a plane had hit the World Trade Center. I quickly finished my business and darted down the hall to see what was on the TV in the bar. Within seconds of arriving at the bar, I saw the second plane smash into the South Tower. I knew at that moment that golf was out of the question.

Within minutes, my phone went off. It was one of Katie Couric’s producers at the Today Show. She said, “Katie wants you on the air.” I went downstairs to baggage claim and jumped on a hard-wired pay phone (I guess that makes me an antique). The time was 9:34 a.m. Eastern daylight time.

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