Is “Exercise Sea Breeze” a prelude to False Flag in Ukraine?

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by Renee Parsons at

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On the verge of a catastrophic US defeat as predicted by Col. Douglas MacGregor, it might have only been a matter of time before Ukraine would attempt to ratchet up the conflict and launch a major attack against Russia’s state-of-the-art naval base in the Crimea located at Sevastopol on the Black Sea.

The pre-dawn attack was a direct hit inside the base’s dry dock area and caused “severe damage’, perhaps beyond repair, to Russia’s most substantial naval assets including unknown fatalities.  The attack deployed three UK-supplied Storm Shadow missile strikes along with unmanned drones as a Ukraine spokesman told Reuters ‘we confirm that a large landing vessel and submarine were hit; we do not comment on the means used for the strike.

Under international rules of war, Russia has total justification to respond directly to the UK as purveyor of the weapons in what was clearly a deliberate military attack – which is, of course, exactly what the warmongering US neocons are hoping for.

The question remains why Ukraine would initiate such a blatantly suicidal attack sure to stir a major response from Russia; as if inviting a no-holds-barred nuclear retaliation, although, no doubt, finding a way to accuse Russia as the aggressor for escalating the conflict into a full fledged WW III.

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