American Library Association Intensifies Push To Radicalize Children

Beaufort County School District Books

by Deborah Childress at

CHICAGO, Ill.  – A goal to politically radicalize children and families has intensified through the American Library Association’s President, Emily Drabinski. She is a self-proclaimed Marxist lesbian who wants greater access to current and future voters by setting up libraries as political organizing stations.

At the September 2023 Socialism Conference in Chicago, Drabinski stated, “Libraries need to be sites of Socialist organizing.”

In the political sense, “organizing” means recruiting people to join in political or ideological struggle, which includes under Marxism violent, revolutionary activism. Parallel to the ALA, the American Psychological Association’s “SCRA Division 27” is promoting “community therapy” for entire urban and rural neighborhoods. Proposals to incorporate socialist activist training and “woke” organizing as part of the program have been pitched.

The ALA ambition reaches beyond politicized, sexually exploitive novels and autobiographies already accessible in K-12 school libraries which are taxpayer-funded facilities.

Such books, as reviewed by Tampa Free Press and Bruce Friedman, Florida President of “No Left Turn in Education” often rise to the level of pornography beginning in junior high. They involve bestiality, heterosexual penetration, sex with androids and robots, sex with multiple partners, rape, LGBTQ+ sexual acts and wife swapping, along with books graphically depicting self-harm and violence.

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